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Amival is a social enterprise with over 500 employees. Just like in a regular company, Amival offers all kinds of exciting work opportunities. We always keep the interests of our employees in mind. It’s the best possible recipe for personal growth.

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People with a work disability.

Amival employs 400 people with a work disability. We used to be called a ‘sheltered workshop’ and now we are a ‘social enterprise’: we offer work that fits you, tailored to the capabilities and capacities of people. This is customised, meaningful and paid work. That’s what we go for, together with you. Interested? Then you need recognition from VDAB.

Don’t have recognition yet?

If you think you qualify, you can apply for recognition. You can do so in the job shop of the community you live in.

Do you have recognition?

VDAB lists our job vacancies. Contact the job shop in your community. Tell them that you are looking for work in a social enterprise. The supervisor at VDAB will see if there is suitable work for you at Amival. If that’s the case, they will contact us. We then invite you for a job interview.

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Supervisors and support staff.

Amival attaches great importance to providing the correct framework for all employees. To create a safe work environment for employees with a work disability, Amival employs up to fifty supervisors. They give training and offer support where it’s needed most. They also provide all the necessary tools to make sure that everyone can perform his or her task. Mutual respect and an attitude of trust are the foundations of the relationships in the workplace.

Occasionally there are also vacancies for supporting services like administration and human resources.

Are you looking for a relevant job with a positive impact and plenty of personal development possibilities? Then have a look at our vacancies for supervisors and support staff.

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Everyone is very positive and the employees like to have a chat. It's almost impossible to have a bad day here.

Student employees

Working during the holidays at Amival is a smart choice. Thanks to the extraordinary character of social enterprise, holiday work at Amival can be a truly enriching experience for you as a person. Of course you can earn pocket money to go out, make that trip you have been dreaming about or you can save up for that first big purchase. Interested? You can register using the form below.

Because we want to respond quickly to the demands of our clients, we set the work schedule up in short cycles. That’s why we ask our student employees to be flexible. We contact you as soon as we can use your help!


If you don’t receive a confirmation mail after sending your form, give us a call. But make sure you have a look in your spam folder first.

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