A promise is a promise.

Amival is a social enterprise that offers custom, rewarding and meaningful work to 400 people with a work disability. We emphasise their potential, capacities and capabilities. That emphasis on the positive is translated into solution-oriented thinking and acting in everything we do. Quality, safety and speed are an essential part of that. And you can count on us: a promise is a promise.

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Company history.

From a halfway home in the ‘Begijnhof’ in Turnhout, Amival grew into a thriving sheltered workshop. Since 1964, we have been weaving social, economic, societal and ecological aspects into an elegant whole. This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important part of who we are. Today, Amival is a social enterprise that carries out activities for a broad client portfolio: from one-man businesses to multinationals in different sectors. Something we are very proud of.

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Made for each other.

An ordinary company looks for suitable candidates to perform a certain task. At Amival, we take things further. We believe in the conviction that everyone has the right to do adapted, meaningful and rewarding work in a safe and healthy environment. And that includes people with a work disability. Thanks to internal training, targeted support and the right tools they acquire a proper place in the economy. And through that positive, empowering experience, they flourish in other parts of their lives, too.

Amival doesn’t just look for employees to perform a certain task, but builds bridges between the needs of companies and the capacities of people. This social enterprise works in two directions.

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